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The company held the 2019 marketing system mobilization oath meeting

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2019/01/04 00:19
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The company held the 2019 marketing system mobilization oath meeting

On the afternoon of January 4th, the 2019 marketing system mobilization oath meeting of Dr. Shandong Consumers was successfully held. All employees of the company's marketing system, the principals of non-marketing system departments, business leaders and business representatives from outside watching attended the mobilization oath meeting . The 2019 Oaths Conference is held to summarize the achievements and deficiencies of sales throughout the year, propose improvement measures and clear goals for struggle, arrange and deploy next year's marketing tasks, scientifically formulate marketing strategies and plans, comprehensively strengthen the construction of marketing teams, and achieve marketing New breakthroughs lay a solid foundation.


The sales department summarized the marketing work in 2018. In view of the good practices and deficiencies in the market in 2018, the sales department will focus on leading brand building, core product promotion, intensive cultivation of market channels, and accelerating team building in 2019. Work in five areas to stimulate team vitality. Encourage all marketers to seize the opportunity, make full use of the company's superior resources, meet the challenge with the belief of winning, strive to achieve a new leap forward, and climb a new peak.


Military orders are as mountainous as missions!



The company's newly appointed theater sales managers made separate statements. They used highly inspiring words to encourage sales fighters to make persistent efforts and climb the peak to create more outstanding results.


In order to actively respond to the company's call for full service marketing, the company's non-marketing system support departments signed military warrants and made commitments around the core requirements of service marketing. We will do our best to provide logistical support and support, provide strong service guarantees and product guarantees for the front-line marketing, and provide the most solid foundation and motivation for new breakthroughs and new breakthroughs in marketing.




Chairman delivers mobilization speech for 2019

The chairman of the company issued a speech in 2019, giving clear instructions on the company's development prospects and future plans, and pointing out the direction for Dr. Xiao's 2019 development goals.

The mobilization meeting made all sales fighters recognize the current situation, clarify their work responsibilities and goals, and increased their confidence and pride. They have stated that they will work together and work side by side in the future work, make every effort to achieve new breakthroughs in marketing performance and make new contributions to the company's leapfrog development.

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