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Hemodialysis machine special sodium hypochlorite disinfectant

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Product Description

Hemodialysis machine special sodium hypochlorite disinfectant

[Main active ingredients and their content] This product is a disinfectant with sodium hypochlorite as the main active ingredient, with an effective chlorine content of 4.00% -4.99% (w / v). The product is added with decalcification factor and synthesized through a special process, which can effectively remove calcium ions, fats and proteins in the pipeline.
[Formulation] Liquid
[Killing microbial category] can kill bacterial spores.
[Scope of use] Dedicated to the disinfection of hemodialysis machine with proportional mixing system.
[Usage method] Inhale the disinfectant solution through the disinfectant solution connection tube, dilute it to an effective chlorine content of 0.1% (1:40) or more, and take at least 20 minutes. Specific cleaning and disinfection procedures follow the instructions of the hemodialysis machine manufacturer. See the following table for other disinfection methods:

Use range

Allowable concentration
(Based on available chlorine content, mg / L)

Dilution ratio
(stock solution: water)

Action time(min)


Body fluids such as blood and mucus




Contaminated articles of various infectious disease pathogens,
The surface of the object is covered, soaked and disinfected.

1. This product is a topical disinfectant and should not be taken orally.
2. It is corrosive to metals and bleachable to fabrics. Use with caution.
3. If accidentally splashed into the eyes or on the skin during use, immediately rinse with water.
4. Do not dilute the stock solution with hot water above 40 ° C.
5. The product should be stored in a cool and dry place and in a well-ventilated clean room.
6. There should be measures such as sun protection and rain protection during transportation; avoid upside down during loading and unloading.
[Specifications] 250g / bottle; 2.5L / barrel; 5L / barrel
[Validity] 12 months
[Production Enterprise Health License Number] Lu Wei Xiao Zheng Zi (2017) No. 1303
[Executive Standard] Q / 371402AXX015

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