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Disineer Mono-peroxyacetic Acid Disinfectant

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Product Description

Disineer Mono-peroxyacetic Acid Disinfectant

[Product Description] This product is used to detect the effective concentration of Disineer mono-peracetic acid disinfectant only. The indicator color block of the test card will show different colors according to the concentration of the detected disinfectant.

[Form] Solid

[Scope of Use] This product is used to detect the concentration of "Disineer Mono-peroxyacetic Acid Disinfectant".

[Usage] Immerse the color development block at the end of the test card completely in the solution to be tested (the liquid level should not exceed the dotted line position), take it out within 1s, place it horizontally, and immediately compare it with the standard color block in natural light. The color will fade away gradually when the time exceeds 1 minute.

Results labelling:

Standard color A indicates: Disinfectant concentration ≥0.20% is qualified concentration;

Standard color b indicates: The concentration of disinfectant solution is 0.15%, which is the effective use concentration.


1. This test card is used for testing Disineer Mono-peroxyacetic Acid Disinfectant only.

2. Monitor the concentration of disinfectant every day. When the concentration of disinfectant is lower than 0.15% of the lowest effective concentration, the solution shall be replaced in time.

3. The test card taken out of the bottle shall not be put back into the bottle again.

4. The test card used must be disposed of and shall not be reused nor used to verify the disinfection process.

5. The test card shall be placed in dark, cool, dry place where children can't reach.

6. Do not place the product in room with oxidant in the air. The test strip must be stored in the bottle with cap tightened. Do not take it out if not in use.

[Specifications] 15 pieces/bottle; 30 sticks/bottle; 50 sticks/bottle; 100 sticks/bottle

[Period of validity] 12 months

[Manufacturing Enterprise Hygiene License No.] LWXZ Zi (2017) No. 1303

[Execution standard] Q/371402AXX 029

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