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Disineer disinfection effervescent tablets

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Product Description

Disineer disinfection effervescent tablets

[Main active ingredients and their content] This product is a disinfection tablet with trichloroisocyanuric acid as the main active ingredient. The effective chlorine content is 35% ± 3.5% (w / w).

[Formulation] Tablet

[Killing microorganism category] It can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic coccus, pathogenic yeast, common bacteria and bacterial spores in hospital infection.

[Scope of use] It is suitable for disinfection of contaminated articles of common infectious patients, disinfection of general polluted articles and environment in hospitals, disinfection of public places and daily life articles and environment, and disinfection of general surface.


Disinfection object

Use concentration

Preparation method
(disinfecting tablets / water)

Action time


Contaminated items for common infectious patients


4 tablets / 1 liter of water

60 minutes

Rinse with water after soaking

Hospital General Pollutants and Environment


1 tablet / 1 liter of water

10-30 minutes

Rinse with water after soaking

Public places and everyday objects and environment


1 tablet / 2 liters of water

10-30 minutes

Wipe or spray until wet

General surface disinfection


1 tablet / 1 liter of water

30 minutes

Wipe, soak, spray


1. This product is a topical disinfectant and should not be taken orally. Keep out of reach of children.

2, this product has a bleaching effect on colored fabrics, corrosive to metals, use with caution.

3. This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place. 4. Wear gloves when using.

[Specifications] 1.50g × 80 tablets / bottle; 1.50g × 100 tablets / bottle

[Validity] 24 months

[Health license number] Lu Wei Xiao Zi (2003) No. 0223

[Executive Standard] Q / 371402AXX021

Disineer disinfection effervescent tabletsDisineer disinfection effervescent tablets

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