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Hospital sewage treatment equipment (4th generation)

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Product Description

Hospital sewage treatment equipment (4th generation)

Please read the instruction manual carefully before use!

Product introduction:

Lvzhou brand disinfection powder dosing device is the crystallization of our company's intensive research. It is a device for dosing finished products. The product consists of a bucket, a magnetic circulating pump, a time relay, a liquid level switch, a metering pump, a controller, and so on. It has the characteristics of convenient control, linkage dosing, automatic shutdown of low-level protection, etc. It is suitable for sterilization and disinfection of various water treatments.

How to use

1. Open the water inlet valve, add 200L of water to the equipment bucket, then open the lid of the dosing port, add 4 kg of disinfection powder, start the "mixing" button to start the magnetic circulation pump, and the magnetic circulation pump will automatically turn off after 10 minutes.

2. Start the metering pump and adjust the metering pump flow to the required flow on site.

3. After a period of normal operation, measure the active oxygen content in the water and adjust the frequency of the metering pump appropriately.

4. When the liquid level in the drum reaches the lower limit, the metering pump will automatically stop working. Dosing steps need to be repeated.

Three, matters needing attention:

1. The equipment needs to be installed in a rain-proof and sun-proof room.

2. Disinfectant powder should be stored in a cool, dark and damp-proof place.

4. Host model: XF-TJ-100, XF-TJ-200, XF-TJ-400


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Company address::No. 5858, west of Chongde Eleventh Avenue, south of Tianya East Road, Dezhou City, Shandong Province