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Disineer sanitary wet wipes

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Product Description

Disineer sanitary wet wipes

Main ingredients: non-woven fabric, purified water, composite double-chain quaternary ammonium salt

Performance characteristics: colorless, tasteless, non-corrosive, non-irritating, truly non-toxic product, easy to use, ready to use, disposable rag, clean and sterilize in one step.

Scope of application: wipe, clean and sterilize the surface of medical equipment, medical supplies and other items. It is suitable for carts, beds, tables, door handles, light switches, color ultrasound probes, hemodialysis machines (including display screens), dental treatment carts, chairs, and frames for medical equipment. Newborn incubators, electrocardiogram equipment, ventilator, hyperbaric oxygen chamber and other medical equipment, computers, keyboards, medical supplies, and the surface of the items are wiped and sterilized.


1. Open the outer cover, open the OPEN sticker, and take a piece of sanitary wipes (if it cannot be used continuously, it is recommended to restore the sticker to its original position and cover the cover).

2. Unfold the sanitary wipes, wipe from the side of the object surface to the entire surface in sequence, and clean and sterilize after 2 minutes.

3. Throw the used sanitary wipes into the trash can and collect and dispose according to the relevant regulations of medical waste.

Specifications: Single, 40 / pack, 80 / pack


Disineer sanitary wet wipes

Disineer sanitary wet wipes

Disineer sanitary wet wipes

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