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No. 5858, west of Chongde Eleventh Avenue, south of Tianya East Road, Dezhou City, Shandong Province

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High-end disinfection manufacturer


★Entrepreneurial Spirit

CultureSelf-improvement is better than words

★Style of Working

Hard work, diligent and pragmatic, concise and efficient,scientific and rigorous

★Outlook On Life

Active work happy life

★Development Goals

Establish a disinfection product brand, build a disinfection industry enterprise


Producing high-quality disinfection products, contributing to national health

★Talent View

The right person is the right person, the right time, the right position, and the right person

There is only one place where there is something to do. Everyone has something to do.

★Human Qualities

Broad minded, strong willed, superior ability, superb skills

★Corporate Motto

I voluntarily joined the Disineer team, obeying team discipline and serving the interests of the team; self-improvement and self-challenge; Dr. Xiao ’s career is my career. I am born for success, I am here to win, create an excellent enterprise, build a high-quality medical care and return society.


Company 23 military regulations

1. Use suspicious people, use suspicious people. Trust cannot replace supervision, and trust cannot replace tracking. Our supervision refers to institution building, not stalking and making small reports;

2. The boss / boss often asks you to do a lot of things. It doesn't matter if you can't do all of them. There will be miracles if you do as much as possible. At the same time, tell your boss / boss what you can't do.

3. The boss / boss must answer the questions as soon as possible;

4. If the boss / boss no longer asks, follow up to the end. The boss / boss likes what you think he did, and you did what he didn't expect;

5. Complete the task on time. If it is not completed on time, be sure to tell your boss / boss as soon as possible;

6. If the task is not completed, there are generally three reasons: (1) the decision itself is wrong; (2) the company does not invest enough (such as people, money, and materials). (3) there is a problem with its own method. If it is the first one, report to the boss / boss and seek support;

7. Cultivate your zeroing mentality. Celebrate your achievements, then forget about it, start again, don't let pride control you; when you fail, summarize the reasons for failure, then forget it, and start again, don't let frustration control you;

8. Cultivate your gratitude. Only grateful people will be happy, and only grateful people will get more help;

9, develop the habit of helping others, helping others is also helping themselves;

10. Share more with colleagues, sharing without loss. The boss / boss likes people who can not only do it themselves, but also help others do well;

11. The so-called connections are because you have value, and there is no connection without value;

12. Find a role model for yourself. Usually your boss / boss is the best role model;

13. Your boss / boss only likes two kinds of people: one who is desperate to make money, one who is desperate to save money, which one are you?

14. If you feel that the salary is unfair, you can talk to your boss / boss, but don't expect changes immediately, the boss / boss may have their difficulties;

15. Don't fight for salary, but for training. Compensation is not contentious, but earned. Training can improve your ability. Your ability is always yours.

16. Try to meet your job responsibilities. If you have problems with your job responsibilities, talk to your boss / boss, not patience;

17. Different development stages of the company require you to create different values. Don't talk about contributions with your boss / boss based on previous results. You must see if your current value matches the company's development

18. Ask questions if you don't understand, discuss them if you are confused, and argue if you disagree. The boss / boss likes people who can talk to him, but dislikes people

19. Don't say bad things about others / boss / company behind your back. Grievances behind it will only make everyone deny you, have comments to your boss / boss, and prepare solutions, so they will thank you;

20. If you feel that your current boss / boss is not good enough, try to change him; if you cannot change it, you can fire him. But don't believe that the next boss / boss will be better than now;

21. The manager has three steps: command, direct, and launch. To reach a higher level as soon as possible, we must learn to coach, learn to inspire, and learn to inspire;

22. Not only do you need to manage people, you also need to know directors. Management is the standardization and writtenization of things, the summary of experience, and the organization of processes;

23. Take the time to train your subordinates. In this way, you will not only have a greater sense of accomplishment than doing one thing, but also get more opportunities for promotion.

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Company address::No. 5858, west of Chongde Eleventh Avenue, south of Tianya East Road, Dezhou City, Shandong Province