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National Symposium on Endoscopy Infection Control and Endoscopy Nursing Technology Meets in Hangzhou

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2019/10/27 00:44
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National Symposium on Endoscopy Infection Control and Endoscopy Nursing Technology Meets in Hangzhou

From October 25th to 27th,  Dr. Xiao invited you to meet in Hangzhou , Zhejiang, to participate in the " National Endoscopic Infection Control and Endoscopy Nursing Technology Progress Conference "。


This conference was co-organized by the Chinese Physician Association and the Endoscopy Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University. In order to improve the technical level of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment and further improve the control of endoscopic infections, this conference invites European, American, Japanese, Korean and More than a dozen well-known domestic experts in endoscopy diagnosis and treatment and endoscopy infection control lectures and exchanges, this is the sixth grand event of international endoscopic diagnosis and treatment and infection control. Dr. Xiao was invited to participate as a well-known company in the industry.


Main lecture content

(1) Demonstration sharing of endoscope cleaning and disinfection technology training

(II) Special Lecture Opening Ceremony: Speech by Leader

1. Grasp the implementation of the system and regulations, and do a good job of preventing and controlling infections in medical institutions

2. Qualified and satisfactory endoscopy care in the endoscope doctor's eyes

3. Safe use of endoscopic chemical sterilants

4. Japan Endoscope Center 5S Management

5.European digestive endoscope nursing norms and practice sharing

6, Japan endoscope cleaning and disinfection quality control management points

7. Skills training and management of Korean endoscope nurses

8. Advances in endoscopic microbial detection technology and related requirements

9. Endoscopy reprocessing and biofilm removal technology-European practice and experience sharing

10.Best management practices for endoscopic reprocessing

11. Misunderstanding and countermeasures of endoscopic leak detection

12. Analysis and countermeasures of relevant factors affecting the monitoring results of endoscope disinfectant concentration

13. Fine management of endoscope center

14. Exploring the key directions for the training of endoscopic specialist nurses

15, modern American endoscopic sensory control experience

16. Clinical application and management of automatic endoscope decontamination machine

17. Personalized and standardized layout of the endoscope center of Zhejiang University First Hospital






The company adheres to the goal of “establishing the first brand of disinfection products and creating a first-class enterprise in the disinfection industry”. It is based on integrity, strictly controls quality, and insists on providing high-quality products to the market. It is at the leading level in the industry and in the fields of medical and public health Obtained a good reputation and was elected as "Vice President Unit of National Disinfection Industry Branch", "Member Unit of China Health Supervision Association" and "Member Unit of China Sanitary Supervision Association Disinfection and Infection Control Professional Committee". The company has been continuously identified as a "high-tech enterprise" by the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province, and a "Hidden Champion Enterprise in Shandong Province" by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province; Participating works of the production environment "Sanitary Standards for Disinfecting Product Manufacturing Enterprises" filmed in our company's real scene won the first prize of Shandong Province in the comprehensive supervision and law enforcement micro-class competition held by the National Health and Family Planning Commission in 2017; the company's technology research and development center The Department of Chemical Industry was identified as "Provincial One Enterprise One Technology R & D Center", Dezhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission as "Municipal Engineering Research Center", Dezhou Municipal Economic and Information Commission as "Municipal Enterprise Technology Center", and Dezhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau It is the "Dezhou High-end Environmental Protection Disinfection R & D and Application Engineering Technology Research Center" and has been identified as a "Specialized and Special New" enterprise by the Dezhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau


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